RootZone Humus


​Cooperating with Nature

Corn grown from seed

using RZH blend and RZH-BCH

No chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

"Quiet and patient" . . . to ensure reliable learning & action;

. . . foundational to excellence and sustainability.

One of our favorite activities is helping growers develop excellent soil

and highly nutritious food.

If soil preparation seems to be too difficult to accomplish in a reasonable time

we can help you solve troubling issues.

Our simple, proven methods make possible nutrient-rich food production in the first season of effort.

We help growers, by providing specialized, digestible containers, filled with living beneficial organisms.

The combination of special containers, beneficial organisms, nutrient balance,

(made possible with RZH), assures success!

RZH-blends and our proven, highly effective "RZH-container growing methods," grow food as food should be grown. Our methods assure high "brix" values in

RZH container-grown plants.

Food plants grown by our methods develop greater mineral density (vital Calcium availability).  The foods we grow are appropriately digestible,

nutrients are available for our growth and health.  

We use refractometers to help us determine the food energy values.

Food we grow by this method tastes as it should taste.

Our plants look better, smell better, and our edible plants deliver the

flavors and nutritional values Nature intended.


We ensure the production of highly nutritious food, anywhere, using container methods. 

Our RZH and RZHO blends, in appropriate containers, (often 5-gallon size and placed on tarps to control weeds), guarantee efficient rooting. The resulting food can be harvested and shared

without having to waste time and energy digging, plowing, and controlling weeds.

Using this efficient, proven method, we do not have to use harsh fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, and we do not have to wait for the soil to achieve

appropriate balance and energy.

Our healthy and energetically growing crops grow weed-free,

and our methods discourage insect vectors.


We believe it is possible to move forward a cooperative, simple plan to develop significant quantities of highly nutritious food, grown by simple methods, without using commercial fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The food we produce can be provided to people, anywhere. We can also help to grow nutritious food where nutritious food production has seemed impossible.

We make high-value rooting zones available for growing nutritious food for consumption in local markets of the USA, and for shipment anywhere in the world.  Our innovative container growing methods make possible the production of vegetables, fruit, nuts, and herbs that can be harvested and processed at delivery locations. We help with seed-collection projects, at the sites where we deliver our growing plants. The collected seeds can be planted in our RZH and RZHO containers, to grow more food at delivery sites, anywhere. Our methods help solve problems where salty, sandy, or clay-hardened soil has prevented growing nutritious food.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is presently our focus for start-up production. The Port of Gulfport, Mississippi  is a likely choice for product storage and for shipping to locations where needed. We anticipate much of our product will be provided to local markets first.  

We consider locations and needs, anywhere.

Converted shipping containers are being developed as food-growing containers. Our special designs allow for effective plant growing conditions, inside the shipping containers. We have observed that our nutrient liquid  RZH-BCH hydroponic techniques and RZHO-container growing methods can be applied.

Telephone :    504-520-0537 or 228-314-0400   

Europe and United Arab Emirates, dial 00-1-504-520-0537 or,

mobile phones dial +-1-504-520-0537  


Our landscape architect friend, Christian Preus, has provided a statement

regarding our Rootzone Humus products and Nature cooperative methods.​ Christian's letter is posted here:

Nutritious food, grown in RZH blend.

Amended with RZH-BCH (liquid)

No fertilizers

John Wear, Consultant