Through years of careful COOPERATION WITH NATURE, we proceed with determination to follow a simple pattern of action.

Our "pattern of critical thinking and Nature-cooperative action" includes the following 4 factors:

FIRST -        We determine to do no harm. Everywhere we do our work, we seek to provide Nature-cooperative solutions.

SECOND -   We ensure our awareness of all materials and reactivity among elements within the environs where we do our work.

THIRD -       We maintain agreements and truth within relationships that include facts about Nature, facts about human law, and facts &                                        needs of markets.

FOURTH -  We work to achieve agreements as to investment of TIME, FEELING, FOCUS, while developing SHARED VIEWS OF IDEAL                                  FUTURE  CONDITIONS,  ENSURING PRACTICAL FIRST STEPS, . . . 

                      moving toward assured progress and reliable, sustainable solutions.

John Wear, Consultant

Nutrient balance & beneficial, living organisms to protect. Correct Nitrogen service, to ensure sustained energy for cell development in growing plants.


One of the ways we help prevent ecosystem hypoxia issues.

      We are assuring biological Nitrogen & Phosphorus ​fixation

for plant availability, and we continue focus on correct balance of all vital nutrients.

We are enabling beneficial microorganisms in soil and plants.

​We are always learning, expanding our knowledge, to ensure


We deliver huge populations of

beneficial bacteria !

Cooperating with Nature

We care to know the facts about cooperating with natural processes

that serve your needs, sustainably.  


Why are we doing our best to COOPERATE with NATURE?

Because, COOPERATING with NATURE makes possible the most effective, sustainable solutions .  The solutions include the enabling of disease remediating micro organisms, that can cure soil, plant, and human diseases. Beneficial organisms thrive in appropriately maintained, energetic soil. Enedeynes, present in appropriately maintained soil, can destroy cancer cells. S. Waksman discovered the TB cure, streptomycin, in soil; (the streptomyces exude the bio-chemical value that controls the disease.)  

In beneficial soil, we also find the bio-chemical values of neomycin, tetracycline, gramicidin, and more.  We do not find these values in soil that has been contaminated by endocrine-blockers like glyphosate (products likeROUNDUP), and harsh chemical fertilizers that upset the natural values of excellent soil. 

​​Compare RootZone Humus RZH,  to "the usual" commercial fertilizers. 

No damaging nitrate or phosphate potential in any of our well proven products. 

Nitrogen-fixing organisms are continually working to ensure successful plant development.

Read about RootZone Humus (RZH). Think about what RZH is, and what RZH is not.

Read about the well known, popular commercial NPK and DAP fertilizers;

think about what these two industrially produced products are, and what they are not.

Think about the obvious values of RZH, and cooperating with Nature.

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