​Think!  Advance to learn, to know, and to solve. Take action.

Be undeniably courageous, compassionate,

productive, effective!

Ensure ethos and effort focused toward improvement.

Invest thought and energy; achieve and maintain  true quality of life.

Continue  helping to change bad to good. Strengthen the good,

to defeat ignorance and bad practices. 

Move forward, ensure truth and knowledge.

Serve, eagerly and willingly, to overcome the presently-existing results

of incapacity and neglect.



​​For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature can not be fooled.  



​PASSION:  No doubting the continual excitement that is ever-present, as we work with emerging technologies that are so "down-to-earth," and so genuinely effective. Clearly, it is a continual challenge for us to bring Nature-cooperative concepts forward, in a world that often seems to have forgotten . . ..  We provide huge quantities of beneficial microbes. in our RZH product, to ensure natural benefits. Our methods encourage, enable, guarantee the productive services of beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi.

What we do works. We continue to prove the value of our concepts, our ideas, our products, in every project and in every consulting effort since we began developing effective solutions. First proofs developed long before we became a corporation. Cooperating with Nature has always been a good idea. Cooperating with Nature has been one of the all-time best ideas, since the world began!



We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used

when we created them.

Blending RZH into coastal soil. Assured pH correction & remediating microbial protection from crude oil impacts.

Beneficial microbes in RZH provide energy values for soil remediation and for plant values. Nitrogen fixing and pH correction; important reliable benefits of the

RZH , RZHO,  and RZH-BCH ... microbial

AND reliable fertility service; NATURALLY.

John Wear, Consultant

Education is not the learning of facts, ​​but the training of the mind to think.  

A. Einstein

Facts do not cease to exist simply because someone

chooses to ignore the facts.

This pattern of cooperation is simple, correct, effective.​

"One of the facts I like about T.E.S.T. is the constant opportunity to


Our emerging technology clearly connected to cooperating with Nature

A special energy develops where well-motivated human beings determine to share time, feeling, and focus in cooperation with Nature." ​​​

John Wear, Chief Scientist, Consultant