TRIDENT SOLUTIONS   (Including remediation of eutrophication in waterways.)

We cooperate with Nature to ensure efficient, effective, successful, sustainable solutions.  We solve problems in locations where human beings have needs regarding eco-system issues, food and forage production, soil, minerals, plants, water, temperature, and air. We continually work with BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, GEOLOGY, and PHYSICS.  Our methods and products do not cause or contribute to eutrophication.  We prevent and eliminate causes of eutrophication.


We do not limit our scientific focus by narrow specialization. We do not limit our preparation or abilities. We solve complex environmental issues.  Sometimes, our work includes gentle influence applied to management of wastes collecting at confined animal feeding facilities in many locations. We have been directly involved in processes and programs accomplishing capture and conversion ofover a million tons of high carbon wastes.Our work continues, as we convert industrial and agricultural by-products to high-value soil amendments and organic stimulants that enable energetic plant growth. We continue to design and to apply product and technique combinations to ensure capture and appropriate control of combinations that might otherwise result in eco-system damage.  Our highly effective combination methods for capturing silt and contaminants, . . . filtering and control of stormwater, are simple and sustainable.

We listen, we observe, we learn what we need to learn to serve and solve with excellence. Our studies and our problem-solving discoveries never end. We listen carefully to client's needs. We carefully observe functions and connections in Nature. Our goal is to provide accurate and highly effective consultation, design, and engineering services that solve complicated issues.​  Example: John provided consultation and product for nature cooperative development in the initial projects at Las Campanas, near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Objectives for this project included: root zone nutrient values, plant cell development, and water conservation.

Our projects include restoration of historic live oak trees that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina and other severe weather events that have caused ecosystem damage along the US Gulf Coast. Applying our products and techniques, we have accomplished soil restoration along twenty-six miles of the US Gulf Coast.As part  of  hurricane recovery initiatives,  our team planted more than 34,000 hardwood trees.

Most of the trees we have planted, live in the forests of seven southern counties of Mississippi. We have also planted trees that live and provide values in city parks in our yards, and along city streets. Trees serve our needs in many ways. In the urban landscape, we are especially thankful for the beauty of trees, shade, protection, but if taken for granted and ignored, trees can become dangerous.  A closer, NATURE COOPERATIVE relationship with your trees, plants, and the soil where they are rooted, can enhance safety and quality of life; for people, soil, trees, and plants. 

Trident Environmental Services & Technologies projects include cooperative work with farmers, golf course superintendents, plant nursery professionals, landscape designers and developers, the USDA, and universities. We have worked with university initiatives, agricultural, industrial, remediation, and construction projects in Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi. 

Our products RZH and RZHO have been used successfully in marshland restoration projects. Our highly successful design, the RZHO Container method, led to amazing success in crude oil damaged marsh reestablishment, resulting in energetic plant growth, accretion (land building), and restoration of habitat. Our RZHO Containers have served with excellence in projects approved by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, EPA, USACE, and other US Government and State Agencies. We are continuing to design genuine living shorelines, employing specialized methods that work.  

A FEW OF OUR INVENTIONS  (1974 - 2016)

 RZH and RZHO Containers are included in our bio-remediation and phyto-remediation projects. John Wear, Consultant, Chief Scientist and President of Trident Environmental Services and Technologies, Inc., continues to focus on product development. Trident Solutions presently include waste control and waste conversion, bio-filter projects, wastewater reuse innovation, highly effective stormwater filtration designs, and specialized microorganism techniques. Some of our microbial tribes (sourced by techniques involving RZH biomass) are highly effective at digesting hydrocarbon spills and returning nutrients from the captured crude oil to beneficial uses. (Bio-remediation and Phyto-remediation working together.)

Early in 2013, our design team began work on specialized separator equipment and highly efficient down-draft aerators that include autonomous features. As of late January, 2015, we have realized that these devices are likely to be well accepted. We are certain that the use of these innovations can ensure significant savings, where they are used in municipal wastewater treatment facilities. (First design, prototype build, testing completed in 1998, by Wear the inventor and prototype designer, and Diller, the builder.)* *Energy and waste conversion developments began in 1974, and our ideas began to find acceptance in the early 1980s. (Meetings in Dallas, Tx. 1983, with Jack Vitullo, ERIP US Department of Energy, Energy Related Inventions Director re. approvals for energy efficient aeration and waste conversion methods and devices,  and  Stanley Mason,  ("growing oil on trees," and other Nature cooperative ideas).  

One of our separator devices can be used effectively as a combination clarifier and aerator in coastal locations, world wide, where hypoxia has continued to be a serious issue.  The hopper/collector box, part of the separator structure, collects compostable solids and hydrocarbon slurry. The collected solids can be formulated for use as plant growth enhancers. The device can also be operated as a separator, to remove crude oil from water. The subject basic clarifier and aerator combination can be easily adapted to uses as part of municipal and industrial wastewater solutions, or can be mounted on a boat/barge for littoral zone clean-up tasks. Test market for this effective clarifier/aerator included use as a clean-up method to solve serious problems that developed in large dairy and cattle feed-lot lagoons.*  * 

Our highly efficient autonomous downdraft aerators can be used as central features in aerobic treatment of lagoon-collected sewage. The unique aerators are not expensive to operate. We provide example information, reasonably predicting operating costs. Several in-depth studies have been completed, through several years of examination. For wastewater lagoons deeper than 8 ft. to 10 ft. these vertical shaft, tiny-bubble producing, high efficiency impeller, downdraft aerators solve problems and are cost-effective.


Our packaged products are sourced from the finest, select biomass. To maintain the acceptable nutrient combinations for RootZone Humus products, we source well-composted, high Carbon blends of highest quality. Our interest in basic biomass includes focus on microbial values and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) potentialWe are interested in high-volume ATP presence within the developing product. We know that further development of this vital nucleotide must be enabled in the appropriate processing of basic material. We care much about quality control. We know that our products will ensure energetic and strong cell development. Our  RZH, RZHO, and RZH-BCH ​are highest energy-enabling quality, to ensure reliable growth of garden vegetable plants, flowers, trees, and grasses.  Our products provide natural, sustained fertility.

In the photo to your left, Will is spreading RZH on Gulf Coast grass and soil that had been damaged by saltwater surges resulting from Hurricane Katrina's powerful winds. Our objectives included lowering the pH of the soil, and providing an organic matter percentage of at least 2%. The grass survived, thrived, and the surrounding trees benefited much from the applications of RZH.  We apply RZH and other RootZone Humus blends, to solve sandy and salty soil issues.


The RootZone Humus product we call RZH, is a safe and reliable multi-use biomass. RZH "designed-first benefits" include these facts:   1.  Will do no harm. (no burn possible)  2.  Will be beneficial and available (nutrient loaded)  3.  Maintains a minus charge (high CEC)  4.  Easy to spread.  5.  Delivers huge volumes of beneficial microorganisms. 6.  Improves soil physical structure.  7.   Improves soil biological condition (ensures living soil).   8.   Ensures soil chemical benefits.   9.   Solves damage issues caused by harsh fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.  10.   Our "designed-first" products RZH, RZHO, and RZH-BCH ensure organic stability, sustained cell development, and vector protection.


In every container of RZH, RZHO, and RZH-BCH, we include Nitrogen  for foliage values, Phosphorus to ensure strong and healthy root development, Potassium for sugars and starches, Calciumto stimulate roots and to allow for root extension, Magnesium to stimulate chlorophyll development, Sulfur for and from beneficial bacteria development, Iron to allow solar energy to work well with the chlorophyll action, Zinc to stimulate growth, Copper to ensure elasticity and flexibility for stems and branches, Manganese to better enable Iron and to enhance seed development, and Boron to work with Iron and to better enable seed development. In addition, the very nature of such a special biomass ensures the presence of living organisms;  they add special fertility values, vector control, and protection from contamination.​  We are also well experienced as to the values and blending of certain zeolites and other special amendments. 

Our aerobic composting techniques ensure high-value microbial development. Nature-cooperative composting methods and accurate blending of components guarantee the effectiveness of RZH as to energizing cell development and remediating toxic conditions.    

RZHO Containers

Remediation, fertility, accretion

Will spreads RZH, . . .

post-Katrina restoration.


RZH SPECIAL:  $395.00  

U.S. ton, 2000 lbs



Soil and plant fertility.

Waste conversion, to useful soil energy amendments.

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John Wear, Consultant

Coastal & estuary protection​from

hydrocarbon contamination.

We do not allow a little

cold and wet

to dampen our determination

to continue hands-on

examination and confirmation.

Our projects prove value. RZH energies and resulting cell protection keeps plants safe when weather conditions challenge.

Identifying and examining the work

of fertility facilitating and hydrocarbon remediating organisms in RZH

Photo​ above shows coastal remediation planting project,  ...hydrocarbon remediation and land-building.


Our biofilters protect ecosystems

We believe in and support the good work of the 


Lucasville, Ohio


We sure like eating at the Malabar Farm Restaurant!


We believe in, and we support the fine work of this excellent program.

Habitat Restored



RZH & RZH-BCH Bioactive Colloidal Humus

(RZH-BCH is Excellemt"Compost tea.")

Our basic product RZH, can be purchased in large tote bags, (One US Ton/2,000 lb.,)  

$450.00 USD, ea. US Ton  (Discounts available.)

$ $ $     FOB GULFPORT, MS.  39503     $ $ $

Buy RZH in 40 lb. bags, call for current pricing., FOB Long Beach, MS.

We discount for volume purchases.

Our liquid product, RZH-BCH, liquid colloidal, BREWED (not an extract), alive with beneficialmicrobes, humus/humate, designed for both fertility boost and vector control,

Basic price for RZH-BCH: $18.50 USD, per gallon of concentrate,  

FOB Gulfport, MS. 39503-8040, call 228-314-0400, ask for JOHN

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

We ship liquid quantities of bioactive colloidal humus (RZH-BCH)

up to 250 US gallons, single tote.

 RZHO, a specialized remediation product & bioactive blend (often used for potting), is blended and provided by special order.​ 

Call 228-314-0400 to confirm current prices and shipping costs.

Call John, 504-520-0537 with questions about RZH product enhancements, related organisms, and education programs.



​RZH PRODUCT APPLICATION SUGGESTIONS: Did you top-dress bare areas with RZH? (areas where soil is poor and grass/plants are not looking healthy). Apply total contents of one, 40 pound bag to 1,000 square feet (distribute evenly, or just spread evenly on the problem areas).  After an even spreading of RZH, allow the RZH dry product to begin working, overnight.   If the area has been looking "very bad," next morning, before 9AM, spray RZH-BCH, to dampen the area where RZH dry product was applied. To enhance cell development, add just one tablespoon of molasses to one gallon of the RZH-BCH.  Remember, moisture availability to the roots is vital for plant health and growth. RZH, blended into rooting soil at a percentage of 5% to 10% can reliably enable the rooting area moisture your plants need. Our methods & RZH will ensure the development of appropriate air-spaces at the roots of plants.  In the South-Central and Southern USA, hope you have started your herbs in a blend of your good soil 10% to 25% RZH mixed in. Our special "compost tea" RZH-BCH can help ensure a healthy springtime start for existing plants.  RZH-BCH can also ensure plant defences during the cold winter months.  Do some thorough watering with 3:1 ratio of non-chlorinated water and RZH-BCH. Plant some "cool season annuals," in a mix of rooting media with about 25% RZH (dry product), and apply RZH-BCH, spraying to moisten leaves of greenhouse plants.)  Call me, anytime, to discuss RZH and RZH-BCH uses.  228-314-0400.​


Organic, Nature Cooperative fertility values should be added to soil in the fall season.  Establish a balance of nutrients in the rooting soil.  We energize garden soil and greenhouse containers with fresh and plant-available nutrients, in October and November. 

We also add compost tea: RZH-BCH, our "bioactive colloidal humate" blend, to ensure plant health and energy.  

Fall and early winter foliar feeding (just a gentle spraying with our energetic RZH-BCH,  a good and thorough drenching of the shallow tree roots, (no deep root feeding), helped to energize trees in preparation for winter.  

 The microbes in the energetic compost tea, will eagerly digest dry, dead, matted material.  As the eager organisms digest the dead, dry material, (that used to be living grass), they will provide new fertility values to your lawn, and defend against weather stress. 

Winter lawns and gardens needed nutrients; just enough Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, and the soil needs to breathe; Oxygen and Hydrogen must also be present in the rooting area. Carbon is needed, too.  

Even through the toughest wintertime, these RZH and RZH-BCH energy treatments, plus the Natural values these products stimulate can ensure successful Springtime growth.

 ​If ambient humidity has been very low.  You may need to do some deep-watering to maintain the values in some plants. Our RZH-BCH liquid amendment can help with continuing plant energy and survival.  Protect plants from weather extremes.  Make sure to take precautions against extreme weather conditions.

We  also planted more than 34,000 hardwood trees, in south Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.  Our effective restoration projects

cooperate with Nature.


at Pass-a-Loutre, are filled with

high-energy nutrients

and remediating microbes.

RZH . . . RootZone Humus delivery, to the




((We look into a 40-pound bag of stuff, called fertilizer, and we don't find much value.)p

Am confirming this important fact:  When "denitrification" happens, it is usually because NO3 "fertilizer" was used on the target soil area, and the target soil was in such poor condition biologically, physically, and chemically, that the NO3 could not possibly serve the plants.  We are determined to bring life to the soil.  To accomplish that goal, we must cooperate with Nature.  

Soil is in need of large populations of Nitrogen-fixing microorganisms, LIFE.  Soil often needs greater percentages of organic matter, and  moving, metabolizing organisms, to allow aeration, percolation, and nutrients for beneficial bacteria and fungi to enable genuine, sustained nutrition to develop in our produce (crops) as growth continues.  

Nitrification, the opposite of denitrification, is what must happen in the root area for success in our effort to grow food (the fruit and vegetables vital to our good health & survival), flowers, trees, . . . plants that are vital to sustained survival & good health.  


Let's consider growing highly nutritious vegetables & beautiful, colorful flowers, on a 1,000 square foot plot.   We want to ensure the best values, benefits that truly allow for plant health, plant nutrients, (in proven beneficial ratiios), and microorganism life-values in the plant rooting area. We need to assure establishment of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Copper, and Boron.   We don't find such well-balanced content in bags of NPK chemical fertilizer.  We do find well-balanced "soil-food" and assured plant nutrient values in ROOTZONE HUMUS (RZH, RZHO, and RZH-BCH.   A comprehensive soil audit can tell us approximately how much ROOTZONE product will be needed, on the 1,000 square foot plot we are considering.  Usually, in what we call an average, loam soil, we apply about 200 pounds of RZH, per 1000 square feet.  

Through years of applying Rootzone products, we find that 3-tons of RZH, per acre of fairway grass, works beautifully on the golf courses we have served through the years.  Once the grass roots are well established. We often apply (spray) RZH-BCH liquid (bioactive, colloidal humate, . . . about a gallon per acre, on greens.   We spray before 9am or after 5pm (to prevent UV rays affecting the beneficial living organisms in our bioactive liquid).

RZH, a well refined (micronized) "storehouse of plant nutrients,"  RZH is a "storehouse" of value; why?  Because of its colloidal properties.  RZH holds three times the amount of nutrients that clay can hold, and RZH makes nutrients available to plants (at the root tip).  Valuable acids, released into the product, in processing, increase the breakdown of mineral values, and form chelated compounds, which ensure uptake of minerals in your plants, stimulating plant growth & health.


Perhaps the term "growing soil," seems a bit strange to some who may be reading these paragraphs, but I think about soil as a living organism.  My observations and experiences, with soil and plants, continue to teach me that soil is continually changing.  The soil beneath our feet may also be the soil that feeds, nurtures, and stabilizes our trees.  The soil beneath our feet, may be the source of certain values that allow grass to grow, flowers to survive and to thrill us with colors, textures, aromas, a variety of fragrances we enjoy.  The soil beneath our feet, may even help to ensure some plants abilities to protect us, and even cure us.

I want to ensure enough plant-digestible organic matter in my soil, 10% to 40%, to ensure the soil is energetic, a home for earthworms, easy to move about (gentile digging).  I want air and moisture to be available to roots.  I want the roots to be well served, with the appropriate blend of plant-available nutrients.

Soil I amend and build allows roots to run easily and thrive.  This RZH-fed soil promotes a minus charge, and is high in humus content.  Knowing the plant root tips to be positively charged, my RZH and RZHO, humus-enriched soil ensures energetic osmosis.  This is the process allowing much benefit to my plants, and the plants of my clients, to maintain healthy and energetic growth.  We grow soil and plants without relying on conventional fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and related industrially produced "remedies" and "stimulants."




 More to come. 

If you want to invest a little time in discussing genuinely fertile soil, and how to make your soil alive, and energetic enough to guarantee increased food value in your produce, call me, and we can devote some time to the subject:  "LIFE IN OUR SOIL"

CALL ME, anytime, at 228-314-0400  or  504-520-0537, John